10+ Useful jQuery Plugins

From this time on we will post a weekly review of most useful things for developers - frameworks, plugins and others.

This time we are going to review the latest and most intresting jQuery plugins.

Virtual jQuery Keyboard

This virtual keyboard will be very useful for typing password in various public places. You can download full source codes and read the tutorial step by step on the Design Shack site

jQuery 3 State Switch Plugin

jQuery 3 State Switch Plugin is a jQuery Plugin that expresses the selection and some states of list item using radio button and checkbox at the same time.

The applications of J3SSW include some interfaces for sort key or filter key of any search results.

Text-shadow in IE with jQuery

Kilian Valkhof posted an article in which he showed how to create shadows for text with jQuery in Internet Explorer

jQuery quickSearch

This lightweight plugin allows you to easily perform the search in you tables.

Sliding-Sliding Doors

Animated menu with beautiful sliding door visual effect.

Date Range Picker

Simple jQuery widget that allows you to set the date range without using the keyboard.

jQuery Tooltip

Simple Tooltips based on jQuery


FaceBox is a jQuery-based, Facebook-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages.


ColorPicker is a jQuery plugin that allows you to select color in the same way you select color in Adobe Photoshop.

Word Counter

Simple but useful word counter jQuery plugin for textareas

That's all for today. Look forward for our next reviews.

Advices from Google :)


Good collection. Especially that date picket plug-in. bookmarked it. :)

I would also recommend HotKeys

I favourite one is jQuery SwapImage


I always use it.

the quick search plugin rocks!

Useful collection. I use most of them.

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