25+ Fresh Excellent ASP.NET Tutorials and Resources

ASP.NET is one of the most popular frameworks for building web site from Microsoft. In this review we collected the best and latest ASP.NET tutorials for several last months. This collection contains tutorials for all aspects of ASP.NET like ASP.NET AJAX, MVC and LINQ.


Introduction to ASP.NET

A perfect guide for people who has just started learning ASP.NET.

Videos for ASP.NET 2.0 Beginners

A large series of ASP.NET video tutorials from Microsoft for beginners that covers all basic aspects of ASP.NET technology.

Starter Kits and Community Projects

The ASP.NET 2.0 Starter Kits for Visual Web Developer are fully functional sample applications which can help you to learn ASP.NET 2.0 and accomplish common Web development scenarios.

Tracking User Activity

Scott Mitchell talks about tracking user activity in web applications and shows how to build user tracking system on your site.

Dynamic Data - Customizing the Delete Confirmation Dialog

Matt Berseth posted an article in which he said how to customize the delete confirmation dialog.

Zip Compressing ASP.NET Session and Cache State

Scott Hansellman shows how to compress ASP.NET Session and Cache State with Zip.

Examining ASP.NET 2.0's Membership, Roles, and Profile

A comprehensive series of articles covering all aspects of the ASP.NET membership.

Some Tips and Tricks while Using ASP.NET GridView Paging

In this article Suprotim Agarwal shows some tips and tricks while using the paging feature of the ASP.NET GridView control.

GridView with DataPager in ASP.NET 3.5

Nipun Tomar posted a new article in which he demonstrates the new DataPager control in action.

New ASP.NET Charting Control

Scott Guthrie writes about new ASP.NET Charting control recently released by Microsoft.


ASP.NET AJAX Tutorials

A series of video tutorials about ASP.NET AJAX, which explores techniques in building ASP.NET AJAX applications.

Access JavaScript variables on PostBack using ASP.NET Code

Often we need to access the client-side variables from ASP.NET. This article shows how you can do it.

Building Sharepoint List Style GridView with Ajax Control Toolkit

Read this article and learn how to create SharePoint ListStyle Grid GridView with Ajax Control Toolkit.

ASP.NET Confirmation Button using jQuery

In this article you can read about creating a ASP.NET Confirmation Button control that uses jQuery and its plugin SimpleModal to implement modal confirmation popups.

ASP.NET and jQuery

Using jQuery to enhance ASP.NET AJAX progress indication.

In this article Dave Ward shows how easily you can add jQuery functionality to existing ASP.NET AJAX applications.

Using jQuery to display a modal UpdatePanel confirmation.

This article extends the previous example by adding modal UpdatePanel confirmation.

Sending email with jQuery and a web service.

This article shows you how to send an email with jQuery and an ASP.NET web service.

AjaxWorld Talk: Building a Great Ajax application from Scratch

A walkthorough tutorial from Brad Abrams in which he shows how to build the AJAX application using ASP.NET and jQuery from start to finish. Also this article covers LINQ practical usage.


Using LINQ to SQL

Scott Guthrie posted a comprehensive tutorial in which he described all features of LINQ to SQL .

LINQ Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are focused on the new LINQ language features included in Visual Studio 2008. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query, and it enables you to write queries over things like objects, databases and XML in a standard way using new language syntax.

Creating a Poll with AJAX, SQL and LINQ in C#

This tutorial will show you how to create an online voting system which will take advantage of AJAX and LINQ to allow users to quickly and easily vote for their favorite Political candidate, and be shown who is currently the front-runner.


A Guide to Learning ASP.NET MVC Beta 1

Stephen Walther collected lots of links on various tutorials about ASP.NET MVC Beta 1.

Understanding Controllers, Controller Actions, and Action Results

In this video tutorial, Stephen Walther introduces you to ASP.NET MVC controllers. You will learn how to create new controllers and return different types of action results.

ASP.NET 3.5 URL Routing

This post specifically speaks about how URL Routing is used in ASP.NET MVC Application.

Partial Requests in ASP.NET MVC

Very often we need to implement AJAX features in out ASP.NET applications. In this article you can read about Partial requests in ASP.NET MVC.

Passing Data to View Master Pages

The goal of this tutorial is to explain how you can pass data from a controller to a view master page. Authors examine two strategies for passing data to a view master page.

ASP.NET MVC Tip: Dependency Injection with Unity Application Block

This article demonstrates how you can implement dependency injection pattern using Microsoft's Unity Application Block.

ASP.NET MVC on IIS 6 Walkthrough

Phil Haack posted an article about installing ASP.NET MVC on IIS6.

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