Dribbble Inspiration. iOS App Icons

In this article we have put together 32 wonderful iOS icons from Dribbble. Dribbble is a awesome place to be inspired by many talented designers. This collection contains a wide range of cool icons. We hope that this collection proves to be the interesting and most useful for you.

Boxing Glove App icon by Ramotion

Our answer to Konstantin Datz Boxing Glove iPhone icon: http://dribbble.com/shots/150614-Boxing-Glove-iPhone-Icon This is how Ramotion see it :)

Dribbble App icon by Ramotion

iPad Dribbble client developed by our team: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picknroll/id492261180?mt=8

Target iOS App Icon by Mario Bieh

iOS app icon draft for a future unnamed webapp

Tennis Ball by Mike Beecham

Having been inspired by the Wimbledon tennis tournament recently, I wanted to create something like this Tennis Ball icon. I've removed a lot of the edge detail on the Dribbble version, mostly because it made the icon look scrappy. But I'd REALLY advise looking at the pixel version to see all of the texture and details. It took a fair whack of time to get it looking right. All done by hand in Photoshop.

Icon template by Virgil Pana

Here's another freebie I did today to improve my texturing skills, especially around metal textures. Hope you like it. You can use this as an iOS icon template if you scale it up to 512x512 or 1024x1024. The image posted here has some post-processing done to it to make the details pop out more. Stuff like color balance, selective color, gradient maps ...

X-Rayed Baller Icon by Dalius Stuoka

Days to Sell by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Retro / modern flip clock showing how many Days it will take Sell Something. Let me know what you think.

Braun AB1 Clock icon by David Im

My head was cloudy and needed to step away from work so I did some photoshop practice.

Camera iOS Icon by Konstantin Datz

an ios icon i made for fun - some spare time on weekend. please let me know what you think :) attached is the large version!

The back of the instagram icon by Cole Rise

just some weekend tomfoolery

Photoforge2 by Kamil Khadeyev

OS icon for GhostBird Soft's PhotoForge for iPhone

Sushi Roll iOS App Icon by Ryan Ford

I'm not too intimately familiar with sushi, but I thought I'd give it a whirl for that food app icon series I'm playing around with.

Jelly Cake by Erfan Nuriyev

Whiskey iPhone Icon by Konstantin Datz

Just a RenderTest. Hope you like the result! unfortunately apple allows no alpha channel – would be a cool icon :P

Picnic Basket by Jackie Tran

LilyView Mac OS icon by Cuberto

This is icon for a new Mac OS app - it will be a simple viewer.

iOS Icon by Asher

Took a break from study and completed this icon.

iOS Icon Design - Doors by Dash

Just for fun. iOS icon based on the awesome sketch of @Eddie Lobanovskiy - Check out the full preview. Hope you like.

Contact by Eddie Lobanovskiy

converted sketch into icon, let me know what you think. process.mov & higher res image attached

Magic Note icon by kylor

Brush by Eddie Lobanovskiy

next web icon from the same series... lemme know how you guys feel about it

Cardboard Box Icon by James Cipriano

Did this recently as an exercise. The goal was to experiment with texture and use a limited color palette. Any feedback/criticism is appreciated!

Instapaper 4 icon by Dan Cederholm

Had the pleasure of creating the new Instapaper icon under Jason Santa Maria's art direction. The new app is superb, and it's out today! Read all about it from Marco and Jason.

Bible for iOS by Artur Kasimov

Icon bible for iOS. In the appstore has a lot of Bibles for the iPhone. But they all have bad icons. I decided to make a more detailed icons. And I am ready to give it. If you are an application developer "bible for iPhone", please contact me.

OPlayer icon by Jan Vu Nam

Google+ iOS Icon by Alvin Thong>

Tea Light iPhone Icon by Konstantin Datz

just a small rendertest :P hope you like the result …

Fish ios icon by Webshocker

playing with some more ios icons

iOS Icon Final by Dash

Well here it is. My final icon design for an upcoming iOS RTS game. Check out the full preview! Hope you like.

Another rapaport calculator app icon by Vladimir Popov

That's the one for an earlier app version, which won't have gem selector.

Harry iOS icon by Anna Paschenko

iOS App Icon Template by Louie Mantia

I made this icon template sheet recently and thought I'd share. There's a lot of these kinds of things out there but I put in a lot of work to be as accurate as possible. Enjoy!

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