ABC of good Developer. The Books for reading.

My name is Igor Konouchenko. I'm a developer of Ukrainian software company NaikonSoft.

Very often the developers should be directed as they don't have an idea what to read and learn to upgrade their skills. In this article I indicate the information sources which in my opinion are necessary to reach this goal. Here is a list of the books.

I suggest reading them in the following order:

Design patterns

Wikipedia is a good source of theory and exact examples.


Going deeper


Actually all these books from The Addison-Wesley Signature Series so follow the updating of this series. The article for junior and middle-level developers.

Advices from Google :)


Once you've read Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" I would also heavily recommend "Working effectively with legacy code" by Michael Feathers - This book is really useful when you do not have a green field project to work on but rather want to build on the mess that someone else left behind :-)

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