Best JavaScript Screencasts

How to Build a Super Duper News Scroller

This screencast shows how to build beatifull scroller with JavaScript.

You Still Can’t Create a jQuery Plugin?

Jeffrey Way posts a tutorial in which he shows how to build jQuery plugin.

Diagnosing JavaScript Memory Leaks in IE

This screencast by Patrick Fitzgerald of BarelyFitz Designs discusses how he diagnosed and fixed a memory leak in a JavaScript library. It's a very simplified example, and the same techniques probably can't be used for more complex web applications, but it might shed some light on how these memory leaks occur.

Better JavaScript Debugging in 15 Minutes

Short screencast from Joe Hewitt about debugging JavaScript in Firebug.

ExtJS Screencasts

A large collection of video tutorials about ExtJS library.

YUI Theater

A good source of JavaScript tutorials and lecture from JavaScript professionals.

YUI Basics and DOM Hijacking

Dustin Diaz posts a screencats in which he demonstrates the basics of YUI JavaScript library.

Event Delegation in jQuery

Screencast from James Padolsey in which he tells about event delegation in jQuery.

Introduction to Javascript using Prototype

This screencast from Jon Lebensold covers the basic concept of JavaScript and Prototype usage.

CSS/JavaScript Hover Menu

Interesting tutorial about creating fully-functional, cross-browser hover menu using CSS and Javascript.


Nice collection. Thank you.

I found some great information at:

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thanks for the link! I also have a site called zendcasts with free tutorials.

this one involves jquery, PHP and zend:

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