Best web-based FTP managers

Free FTP Upload Manager

Free FTP upload manager by Web CEO is designed to make file transfers a play rather than a torture.


F->IT is an F-ing easy to use FTP client that resembles Windows Explorer. With it, you can ?rag and drop folders and files, edit highlighted source files, upload multiple files.


net2ftp is a lightweight manage with large amount of features.


WebFTP is a web based Ftp client which you can use directly from WebFTP site


Web-FTP is a fully featured ftp client designed for secure file management when used in conjunction with an SSL enabled web server. As a secondary function it can serve as an FTP client for users who's firewalls block FTP, since all communication is through the HTTP protocol.

Jambai FTP

Another web-based online client with lot of features.


With ftp4net you can access any FTP account through a Web interface - no matter whether there is a firewall or not. You can use ftp4net for the complete administration of your homepage, downloading files or just making small changes.Its a total web based ftp solution.

PHP FTP Client

Small FTP client written on PHP


One more useful web-based FTP client written on PHP by Adam Sutton

Weeble File Manager

Weeble File Manager (aka WeebleFM) is a php file manager run through an ftp connection. It offers a wide variety of functionality, similar to the web based file managers used by Tripod and Yahoo. It offers a easy to use interface for its users along with easy installation for the host. WeebleFM gives private web hosters the chance to offer their clients an easy and quick alternative to FTP, TELNET, and SSH.


Have you given any thoughts on free FTP clients? I've been hard pressed to find good resources, and judging from this article I'm guessing you may have something valuable to say. Thanks in advance!

How about the Firefox addon FireFTP?

Some good but Net2FTP sucks. Mangled my entire directory and file structure. never using it again.

Thanks for this compilation. I use net2ftp and it's worked well for me. I also have a customized copy on my intranet for my colleagues.

I also use FireFTP, the Firefox plugin and it's great.

@Balaji, if you're looking for free FTP clients FileZilla is my favorite. (I've tried almost everyone out there.)

forgot to mention - one of the major players in the field

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