Photoshop tutorial. Chinese cookie

In this article I am going to reveal a secret of drawing a Chinese fortune cookie. Such cookies are usually baked in China at the New Year Eve. They have small notes with wishes or predictions inside. It is possible to use such cookies not only for holidays but also in some other cases: when you play the lottery or take part in some contest.

  • Take a Pen tool and draw an initial outline.
  • Direct Selection tool will help you to add additional nodes in order to make the proper shape of the object.
  • Then choose color. I use #FCD588 for example

Begin drawing the depth and details

Open Blending Options panel and choose Inner Shadow effect. Choose color for shadow #935B17. Setup this effect the following way.

Copy the layer and rasterize it, set the Fill:0%. Open Blending Options and turn off Inner Shadow. Now choose Pattern Overlay. Here I use the pattern I have made before and ajust its scale. Create a layer below this one and merge them using command Merge Layers. Open the Blending Options again and choose Color Overlay effect, set the color to #A3633C. Copy the layer and move it a bit. Change the color to a brighter one (let´s take #F9E4D7). Use Eraser Tool where it's a necessary.

Create a layer above and begin drawing the shape.

  • Take Brush tool and set color, #9F450 for example. Start drawing and make the layer more transparent.
  • Create one more layer, set another tone, for example #B2783E. Besides use Blur Tool and Eraser tool(E).
  • Create another layer, set another color - #A16214 and draw further.
  • Choose darker color and add contrast a little.
  • Choose a darker tone and add a bit of contrast. Take still darker tone and go on drawing the depth. Don't forget about transparency.
  • Show the thickness of pastry.
  • Work out the depth a little more.
  • Add some details, small cracks to make the picture not so dull.
  • Don't forget about light. Draw patches of reflected light.

Create a folder "Cookie". Select the layers and move then into the folder. Copy the Cookie folder and hide the original. Merge this copy of the folder using command Merge Group. Clean the drawing from some defects. Then use a filter Filter Noise Add Noise and apply the following settings.

Drawing a sheet of paper with prediction.

  • Create a new layer, take a brush, set a color #EFEDFE and draw a paper. Draw it a little. Draw a cookie shadow on the paper.
  • Draw it a little.
  • Draw the shadow from the cookie on the paper.

What about chocolate icing?

Take a brush again and start drawing chocolate icing. Color - #422514. Take a lighter tone and make the icing dimensional. Add light reflections.

Caramel heart.

  • Set color for a heart for example #29D279.
  • Give depth to the heart using Dodge Tool and Burn Tool.
  • Draw a shadow.

And a little more powder.

Create sweet powder in a new layer . Choose some joyfull colors and and begin drawing. Open Blending Options and with the help of Bevel and Emboss make the powder dimensional. Use Drop Shadow to create a shadow.

Add cookie shadow to the plane

It took me only 40 precious minutes that is much faster then to write this article :-)

About the author

This article was written by Kostantin Hmeluk, designer from Vedjo Studio, Kiev, Ukraine.

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A marvellous lesson! i'll try to copy your result. Thanks a lot!

Awesome tut

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