Master-Detail with the GridView, DetailsView and jQuery's ThickBox

One more article about grids from Matt Berseth. This time he shows how to create master-detail with the gridview, detailsview and jQuery's ThickBox. He writes:

«And so I continue on messing around with jQuery and looking into ways I can use it in my WebForms applications. Something I sheepishly admitted to in my last post was that I don't want to use 3 client side libraries {ASP.NET AJAX, AjaxControlToolkit, jQuery}, yet I never really took the time to see what the size of the core jQuery library is. And for that matter I haven't really looked at what scripts some of my favorite AjaxControlToolkit controls are pulling down either. I also assumed there is a bunch of overlap between jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX, but I haven't looked into that either.

So I thought I would check some of this out and along the way rebuild my Master-Detail with the GridView, DetailView and ModalPopup Controls and replace the ModalPopup with jQuery's ThickBox. I found it pretty interesting - read on to see how it went.»

Source: Matt Berseth.

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